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Irrespective of your deadline or field constraints, WC Loc provides expert advice and adapts to all your needs to deliver, install, maintain, empty and remove your jobsite toilets (among the most resistant on the market!)

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Combining practicality, modularity and elegance, our ranges of mobile sanitary facilities are ideal for satisfying pressing toilet needs for all types of events (parties, weddings, family receptions, etc.), including the largest (concerts, festivals, clearance sales, etc.)!

Our mobile toilets:
conceived to satisfy your needs!

Using WC Loc means relying on experienced teams, certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environment quality standards, that listen closely and provide expert advice.

It also means choosing peace of mind, as you benefit from a complete and integrated service, from delivery to removal of your toilets, without forgetting their maintenance on site at your work site or event. Finally, it means opting for a stock of more than 15,000 pieces of equipment: autonomous or connectable WC cabins, jobsite sanitary trailers, prestigious sanitary trailers, sanitary modules and cells, toilets for PWD (Persons with Disabilities), dry toilets, urinals, showers and sinks… there is bound to be a WC Loc solution to suit your pressing toilet needs!

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